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With the massive amounts of web analytics data available for even simple websites, it is easy to get stuck down in the weeds, losing a sense of direction, unable to tell what to do next. I can work with you to get up out of the weeds, into the trees, and find a catbird seat from which to observe what is happening and, most importantly, to make decisions about setting a course that will take you where you ultimately want to be.

I have deep and varied experience with the most widely used tools, such as Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, but it is not about the tools: it's about the intelligence you gain from using them to their potential.

Services include:

  • Implementation: ensuring your web analytics solution is properly set up to meet your specific needs
  • Dashboards/Reporting: creating efficient and effective reporting frameworks that enable to quickly zero in on key performance indicators and make decisions accordingly
  • Testing: designing tests for landing pages or other key pages and assisting with interpretation of data to optimize performance
  • Insights: interpreting web analytics data for insights that will connect with your strategic goals
  • Training: practical, customized instruction that will help you get the most out of web analytics and related tools

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services, or web analytics in general. And check out my Catbird Analytics blog for more of my thoughts on leveraging web analytics for success.

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Web Analytics